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Who We Are

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MesraFloor pride itself as one of the best professional floor decoration company in Malaysia and as such is respected all around the globe for its top quality and amazing services.

Our wide range of extensive products helps our customer to choose and get their product when they are in need of it.

We also out best our local competitors in terms of price and quality. MesraFloor brand is motivated by a focus that creates a mix of amazing products that meets the needs of our customer.

To get more info about our products and tips on our services, please contact us at 012-2228909 or schedule an appointment with our top professionals who can give you the right info about our products and services.

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Our Services

Our Work

Our services range from providing the best floors you can get anywhere at affordable prices, floors repairs and refurbishment. We also give our customer the best designs and patterns with a high-quality product.

Our brand cannot be matched anywhere in the world, and we also meet international standard, and as such, you can get the best there is when you buy with us.

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We have impressed a lot of our customer, and they have given us feedback on our products. You can take a look at some of the testimonies below, this will you feel relaxed when dealing with us.

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Useful Floor Info

This main aim is to give more information about the products provided by Mesra floors.

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