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Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor is a multi synthetic floor which is fused together by lamination.

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Laminate floor is commonly known as floating wood tile. Furthermore, it is made up of wood or stone with a photographic layer on top.


Laminate floor has amazing features making it stand out over the years. These features are the reason for its existence in the market.

Laminate Floor Layers

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WEAR LAYER: This layer is made of different textures and it is engineered to look like wood perfectly using a scratch guard advanced. This gives better scratch resistance. This layer is also very transparent and it is made out of plastic. This gives it a resistance over damaging substance.

DESIGN LAYER: This is the area that holds the pattern and designs. These designs include real and natural patterns of wood, stone, and ceramic.

CORE BASE: The main purpose of this layer is to provide stability, dent resistance and it also aids installation. Laminate floor base is also water resistant to for a while but the water has to be removed on time.

Laminate Floor Layer
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Benefits of Laminate Floors

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  • MATERIALS – Laminate floor are made from the best materials there is, it is made from wood which has undergone high-pressure refining processes. The top of the sheet carries the design which is either wood or stone. The other layers are also made from the finest products available. Moreover, this kind of floors are stable and resistant to scratching.

  • INSTALLATION – This kind of floors are easy to install and can be done by anyone just by following the correct steps. Each floor is linked to each other and is fused using the lamination process. The product of laminate floors used interlocking systems in fixing them to the floor and this gives it a perfect feel.

  • MAINTAINANCE – It is very easy to clean. Just by using a vacuum cleaner and a damp mop, you can make your floor neat and sparkling clean.

  • DURABILITY – The laminate floor is resistant to dent and scratches as mentioned earlier but it also has an amazing wear layer protecting the natural patterns on top. Laminate floors also come with an amazing warranty, unlike other floors.

  • MOISTURE – Laminate floors can be installed in semi-moist areas like in the home. This floor can withstand moisture for some time as long as the boards are close and tight to each other.

  • PRICE – The laminate floor is not expensive when compared to other floors. It is budget friendly and has a lot of appealing qualities this makes it more unique in a way.

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