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Solid Wood Floor Repair

Although wooden floors have a great advantage as not having to be replaced entirely during damage in most cases, it still is subject to damages which could become worse of left for a long period of time.

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What are the damages that could affect wooden floors?

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Solid Wood Service

Getting a solid wood service gives you the right repair quality for a low cost as well. The most common damages that can be caused to solid wood includes water damage, gouges and of course, scratches.

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WATER DAMAGES: When solid hardwood is damaged by water, it requires a lot of restorative care to keep it strong and also functional. As we all know, water stains wood and leaves moulds which could be toxic and need to be removed

GOUGES: Gouges and dents can be caused by hard objects and movements of furniture. Most times, it is usually hard to avoid and needs to be taken seriously.

SCRATCHES: These are the most common wood damages out there, and it can be caused by the littlest things such as pets, heavy traffic, shoes, toys and so much more.

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Why you need a professional solid wood repair service

As mentioned, all floors are prone to damage, and solid wood is no exception.

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  • From the ways listed above, solid floors can sustain quite a lot of damage and blemishes which need to be fixed as soon as possible.

  • It isn’t as easy as most people would think because solid wood comes with rugged durability and need a professional hand to not tamper with that fact. We help you repair and restore your solid wood as good as new.

  • Getting a professional service helps you save money and time. It also helps you maintain your investment on your home, which is important in the real estate market. This is why we opt to give you nothing but the best.

  • Choosing to fix it yourself wouldn’t give you as much quality as hiring professionals who are perfectly experienced. You can get a lot of time and money saved and still get the very best.

  • Our extensive experience, as well as trustworthy expertise, can resolve any type of damage your solid wood might have.

  • From water damage, either mild or serious, to gouges and scratches. We would ensure that you get back your floor as it was originally and would stop at nothing to get that.

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