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SPC Flooring

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring is the latest version of vinyl tiles.

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It is a beautiful tile with an exotic click locking system which makes it easier to fix on the floor. The charm this tile possess also comes with its ability to withstand hot summers and freezing winters without expanding or contracting thereby leaving a gap. SPC can be used for many generations and still look the same.


Completed SPC Flooring Projects

SPC Flooring Component

SPC has a lot of layers, these include:

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WEAR LAYER: This is the top of the coating that is transparent. The main purpose of this layer is to provide resistance. This layer is very important due to the hard and swift surface that resist scratch and stain.

VINYL TOP COAT: This is a very slim layer attached to the SPC floor. It is the layer visible to the eye, and as such, it is the most beautiful part of the SPC flooring. It contains the beautiful and colorful design of the floor.

SPC CORE: This is the layer that provides strength and resistance to the floor. It is made up of limestone powder and stabilizers. Apart from the strength and resistance it provides, it is also waterproof.

ATTACHED UNDERLAYMENT: This layer is not an important component of the SPC flooring and such it may not come with the floor. It reduces sound and increases the softness of the floor.

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Benefits of SPC Flooring

Apart from being waterproof SPC provides unique features that are irresistible making it one of the most used floors in the globe. Some of these features are highlighted below.

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  • EASY TO CLEAN – SPC floor is very easy to clean. The floor is made in such a way that it also prevent bad odors from staying on the floor for a long time. All you need to clean this floor is a little detergent and clean water.

  • NON-TOXIC – SPC floor is non-toxic, this is due to the fact that it is not made formaldehyde which is a harmful chemical that causes a lot of health issues.

  • RESISTANT – SPC is resistant to a lot of things that affects other floors. These things include peeling, fading, mildew, cupping, and other stuff.

  • DURABILITY – SPC floor is very durable and long lasting, this is due to its high density. Due to this feature, SPC is able to resist scratches and other marks that can be caused on the floor.

  • INSTALLATION – SPC floor is very easy to install. It can be done by anyone provided you follow the steps.

  • BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS – SPC floors comes with a variety of beautiful designs and patterns. These patterns and designs are also very colorful.

  • AFFORDABILITY – Another unique feature of SPC floors is that they are easy to afford when compare to other floors. You can get a floor depending on your budget choosing from a wide range of beautiful designs.

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With all of these features, you can see why SPC stands out from other floors. To make enquires or you have any questions regarding SPC floors please call us on 012-2228909 or Whatsapp us for instant reply.