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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor is among the top choice when choosing a floor.

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They are highly versatile and can be deployed on all areas of any home. They are durable, affordable, and water resistant. They are quite similar to linoleum due to their synthesis. It may interest you to know that vinyl floor has two types, the sheet, and the tile.



Vinyl Floor Layers

Vinyl floors usually come with only a strong wear layer which has a strong damage resistance.

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Because it is an alone layer, it is usually durable and has high resistance to scratches, indentations, and scuffs. Urethane is used in making such layers; this gives it extra resistance and hardness to the floor, which increases the lifespan of the floor. The wear layer may range from 4 mil to mil.

Laminate Floor Layer
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Benefits of Vinyl Floors

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  • INSTALLATION – Vinyl floors are easy to install. Whether it the tile or sheet floor, vinyl floors can be installed even by your grandmother. All that is required is a perfect subfloor and a completely dry and leveled surface.

  • COMFORT – The comfort derived from the feel vinyl floor gives your foot is awesome. Some vinyl floors may also have another underlayer which gives extra softness to the foot.

  • MAINTAINANCE – Vinyl floors are also easy to care for. All that is required is to sweep the floor and make there is no dirt on the surface then you can use a damp mop to clean stains from the surface.

  • PRICE – The Vinyl floor is cheap as they come. They are most likely the cheapest floors available in the market. They are sold in the market per yard. Vinyl floors have a different price range for various quality; the quality is usually determined by the thickness.

  • DURABLE – Vinyl materials are usually durable if maintained properly. They can last long if properly cared for and maintained. The thickness of the vinyl material determines how long it will last, the higher the thickness, the more likely it will last.

  • SOUND REDUCTION – Vinyl floors are usually soundproofed. They reduce noise pollution to an extent and gives a comfortable feel to the foot when stepped on.

  • FIRE RESISTANCE – Vinyl floors have high fire resistance. They are usually in halls way and routes to escape a fire.

  • VARIETY OF OPTIONS – Vinyl floors provides the luxury of choosing your preferred designs. This only comes with the tile vinyl floors. You can shape the tile to beautiful shapes to get intended designs.

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